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Run DMT // Dreams

Do you know how long I’ve been waitin for a proper debut from Run DMT?Last year’s free and mediafire-only releases Bong Voyage and Get Ripped or Die Trying had me basically frothing at the mouth. Those releases were like the musical equivalent of a  high-speed trip through years of multimedia overload with your eyes taped open. And since that time Run DMT has teased us with hints at more conventional songwriting with tracks like “Bruce Springsteen” and “Richard.” Then I heard that a proper debut was in the works via Woodsist. So I waited… and waited… and waited. Nada.

I had pretty much given up hope until fellow fanatic Sam Ray told me about a new full-length cassette. Cue the fields of daisies and angels singing. The album is called Dreams and is actually put out by Run DMT's own label Culture Dealer. I shelled out a meager $5 and now here we are with one of my favorite releases of the year. Incorporating all the weirdo style that he’s showcased in the past, Dreams is a trip unlike any other and one that is begging to be taken. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it.

"Spruce Bringsteen"



09/10/11 at 06:52pm



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