Computer Dreams // Silk Road

It wasn’t a super long time ago that I was writing about Computer Dreams' self-titled debut album. Since that time he’s attracted the attention of super good vibin’ label Beer On the Rug. They took the cream of the crop from that album and put it on a split with a similarly Mavis Beacon/Windows 95/Encyclopedia Encarta-lovin’ dude named Napolian (who is also no stranger to this blog). That split was like a monster shot of shimmering, corny nostalgia jammed straight into my veins. Fun time overload.

Now here we are only than a month later and Computer Dreams has his next release all ready to slide down the chute. It’s an album of twelve excellent (and untitled) tracks called Silk Road. The title proves rather appropriate since this thing is one of the smoothest listening experiences I’ve had all year. While he’s always built his sound around samples, on Silk Road here he takes it one step farther and makes the sound even more his own by further blurring the line between recycling and creation. The best part of this Computer Dreams' music for me is that is awakens all these memories that I'd long since forgotten. It's like I close my eyes and I'm six years old again watching Mannequin with my sister. Weird… where did that come from?



09/27/11 at 06:25pm via SoundCloud / Computer Dreams



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