Title: Sparked Fire (Fall Trees Are Spires) Artist: Four Visions 269 plays

Four Visions // “Spark Fire (Fall Trees Are Spires)”

I wasn’t sure if Dan Abary would pick up his folk side project Four Visions again or not. Helming the immensely promising shoegaze outfit Sight Seeing, I assumed that all engines were go as far as getting their debut ready. While it’s true that the band is hard at work on their album for Bleach Blonde Records, Dan also found time to restring his old guitar and pen some new Four Visions tracks.

In the past Dan tagged these intensely personal tracks as “doom folk” due to how dark they were tonally. But I think that once you listen to one of his newer tracks called “Spark Fire (Fall Trees Are Spires)” you’ll find that that description no longer suits. In keeping with his usual lightheartedness, “Spark Fire” is a decided shift in tone for Four Visions. Handclaps, the slight buzz of the acoustic guitar, pleasant harmonies and a decent helping of “oohs” and “ah” make the song an absolute joy to listen to. Make no mistake, I’m eagerly anticipating the Sight Seeing full length, but this new track puts Four Visions right up there with them.


11/09/11 at 05:48pm



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