Pressed And // “Blue Noun”

Here is the brand spanking new video for Pressed And's new single “Blue Noun” created by Stephanie Cafarella (whose collection of vids is pretty impressive). While I think that the whole found footage music video thing is definitely played out, I can honestly say that I enjoy this video as well as Stephanie’s others. Instead of just random clips seemingly thrown together, the video for “Blue Noun” features footage from what looks like a 1960’s B-movie. And if you should know anything about me it should probably be that my love of genre film rivals my love of music (and maybe eve trumps?). It’s campy sci-fi vibe is perfectly suited to the music so make sure you check it out.

As far as the Pressed And boys go, these fellas are seriously top notch. They recently released their latest EP Imbue Up on Crash Symbols (a label I don’t plug nearly enough). I’ve been listening to it a lot at work recently and it is stitched together really well. It’s mostly ambient electronics delivered at a very intentional pace. It can be very slow and deliberate, but once it takes hold it’s like a good solid crack to the skull. Nabbing a cassette is highly recommended.



11/14/11 at 05:11pm



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