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Tree Hopping // “Cricket Day Song”

So Andy from Two Michael Jordans asked me to premiere this new track from the upcoming Tree Hopping/Messy Sparkles split cassette Messy Hopping (recalling the cleverly named Black Girls tape from earlier this year). As you can tell I responded enthusiastically in the affirmative. I’m pretty much in love with everything those guys do which just so happens to include releasing some really great music.

While I am acutely aware of the positively infectious trop-pop of Messy Sparkles, this release was my first encounter with Tree Hopping. And hearing them I can honestly say that I am pretty much geeking out. You see one of my favorite albums of all time is Abe Vigoda's Skeleton. Dubbed by reviewers as tropical punk, the Abe Vigoda dudes sadly never really revisited that sound again on their subsequent releases. It is with immense joy that I can say that Tree Hopping has picked up the tropical punk torch. While not directly ripping off Skeleton, traces of that album are immediately visible on “Cricket Day Song.” What these guys do differently is most easily recognizable in the vocals. The layered singing/shouting is ushered right up the front next to the tweaked guitar tuning, the raw and spastic drumming, and the all around Caribbean flavor.

Putting Tree Hopping and Messy Sparkles is a decision that is nothing short of inspired. Only the guys at Two Michael Jordans would think of it and it’s solidified Messy Hopping as one of the most flat-out fun releases of the year.

I’m gonna go ahead and recommend that you guys buy one of these tapes before they are gone. While you’re at it you might as well take advantage of the labels buy-2-get-1 sale. Really can’t beat it!


11/16/11 at 07:19pm



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