Title: A Song You Can Fall Asleep To (demo) Artist: Funeral Home 240 plays

Funeral Home // “A Song You Can Fall Asleep To”

Here’s a new demo track from Funeral Home. Man, these guys are killing me! One or two tracks at a time! In the blogosphere’s present climate it is pretty common for artists to write and release music on an almost daily basis. For some this is a good thing but for others it seems like they are merely trying to stay relevant and in the present consciousness. Think of Funeral Home as the complete opposite of that. Last time we heard from them was with their Vera 7” a couple months ago. Nowadays a two-month gestation period seems like a lifetime!

Well the band has finally put up a new track called “A Song You Can Fall Asleep To.” And even though it is technically a demo and still skeletal in structure, the thing still manages to communicate quite a lot. Like the two tracks on Vera this one is heavy on atmosphere and will totally invade your headspace. And true to its name, there is also a certain lullaby quality to the track that perfectly lends itself to, yes, nap time.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna grab a blanket and lay down and dream of living in a world where Community gets six seasons and a movie.


11/17/11 at 05:34pm



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