Mirror Lady // “Roman Candles”

It might be a bit premature to say that the new Mirror Lady jam “Roman Candles” is one of my favorite tracks of 2011, seeing as I just listened to it for the first time. But in all honesty the song is really that good. The last time we heard from this California band was on their hugely blog popular track “Shapes (Spiderwoman)”. And while I dug the hell out of that track, “Roman Candles” definitely outshines it in my book.

Exchanging the calculated and chilly vibes of “Shapes (Spiderwoman)” for something decidedly warmer, “Roman Candles” beams as bright as the title would suggest. The timid yet friendly synth lines act as the perfect flipside to the vocals that once again are the most prominent feature. And with production that is so clean you could eat off of it, Mirror Lady officially becomes a band to watch next year.



11/30/11 at 06:19pm



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