Title: Raining May Artist: Pan 791 plays

Pan // Post Rock Is Not Dead

I am going to ask you to ignore any and all preconceived notions you might have about the subgenre of post-rock. Although its inception is certainly debatable it seemed to have its heyday around the mid-2000’s thanks in no small part to Explosions In the Sky. In the few years following their massive popularity there were inumerable bands that shamelessly ripped off their style (which, in my opinion, was not that great to begin with). I say all of this because all of those thoughts came rushing to my mind when this band Pan first introduced themselves to me. With an album title that might be a tad bit too literal for my taste I admit that I was a bit blasé when I first clicked play, but that changed rather quickly once the music sunk its claws into me.

Sure many of those typical post-rock staples are here, but the band also cites the exuberant Fang Island as a major influence and I can definitely hear where that came into play. According to the band they have made it their goal to “uplift you and fill you with positive energy and happiness” and I gotta say that it totally worked on me.. This really isn’t earth-shattering or even innovative music, but it is really well-executed and there is no denying the joy and the fun that went into creating it. That emotion is placed proudly on display and can be totally infectious if you just let it be what it is.



01/12/12 at 05:39pm



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