White Birds // When Women Played Drums

It’s crazy, I can see this album making it onto my favorite albums of 2012 list (something that is 11 months away!). Listening to it over and over again I’ve realized that, yeah, it really is that good. On their debut album, White Birds show that they are one of the city’s greatest hidden treasures just waiting in the wings, poised for bigger things.

If the thought of lush, swirling harmonies blanketed in warm, slightly muffled fidelity sounds good to you then don’t hesitate on snatching this up. Every track on the album exudes a calming sense of warmth that feel about as honest as music can get. From the very first notes of the album opener, “No Sun” I was into it, but when those harmonies kicked in I was enthralled. These guys are very obviously playing with some Beach Boys influence, but they do it in a very classy way that never approaches anything remotely kitschy or played-out.

The album dropped this week on Valentine’s Day and coincidentally it became my date on the big day. If you want to hear the whole thing the band has it streaming on their soundcloud and bandacmp site. If you want to own it you’ll have to go with the latter.


02/16/12 at 02:18pm via SoundCloud / WHITE BIRDS



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