Lizard Kisses // “Water Tap”

It’s been a while since we last heard from Lizzard Kisses. But knowing Marc and Cory, they are never ones to have much idle time. They are always toiling away on something creative and their latest split 7” with My Friend Wallis is no different. 

I’ll let the band explain to you what makes this particular release so special: Both bands made collages for their respective sides of the 7”, making each one unique and one of a kind. You can view all 35 individual record sleeves here. The clear lathe cut records were hand-pressed to a numbered edition of 35 and include typed inserts on vellum. The sleeves were sent back and forth between Brooklyn, New York and Vancouver, Canada over the course of a few months.

Cool, yeah? On top of that, the band’s track “Water Tap” is a smiling surf pop number featuring Jordan Lee (of Mutual Benefit) and Andrew Morehart (of Share-a-tories). Check out the full project and pre-order yourself one while you’re at it right here.



02/29/12 at 01:10pm via SoundCloud / Lizard Kisses



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