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Wrong Hands // Wrong Hands

I am always interested in what hardcore label Blank Stare is doing. I suppose it started when they released Motivator's self-titled EP last year, a release that became one of my absolute favorites of last year. Aside from signing great hardcore punk bands and releasing cassettes the label also runs its own zine. Yeah, they got some good juju going on over there. 

Back in January the label released the self-titled EP from a Toronto band called Wrong Hands. Such as is the case with many of their bands, this release was my first introduction to the band. And even though the EP is a quick five-track shot, the band still manages to do a lot with the time. So yeah, although this is a hardcore release on a hardcore label, Wrong Hands still manages to take the music to some really dark places. The band busts out some chugging metal riffs and the vocalist hits some surprisingly low depths with his growls getting downright guttural. It’s just another example of how great the Canadian skate punk scene is. 

Download Wrong Hands for free on Blank Stare's bandcamp page and make sure you snoop around their other releases while you’re there. 


03/19/12 at 02:20pm



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