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Kid/Astro // Disaster Sounds

This is one to play loud and preferably with a melting popsicle in hand. If you guys dig High Pop (and come on, who doesn’t?) then you already have an in with this band. You see Jordan Caulfield, who is the half of High Pop with the beautiful locks, plays guitar and drums in Kid/Astro. He is joined by Thomas Reid, Dan Lewicki, and Ryan Jantz and together they form a delightful Boston quartet. 

These guys make liking them an easy task. The music on their newest album Disaster Sounds is laid-back, guitar-driven fuzz pop that is perfect music to get sunburned to. I’m in the habit of making random summer mixtapes every year and leaving them dispersed around my house, family cars, and friends’ apartments; so I’m always on the lookout for music that I can throw on a CD-R and toss in the car. Kid/Astro perfectly fits this bill by crafting uncomplicated, instantly gratifying pop music that will no doubt be getting a lot of play from me in the coming weeks. It’s out now on Seagreen Records Bring on the heat!



06/12/12 at 05:24pm



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