Title: Bart's Nightmare Artist: Soda Bomb 339 plays

Soda Bomb // Booger: The Mini EP

Yeah, that’s a giant booger with a face. Soda Bomb knew exactly what they were doing when they named this EP after bodily refuse and made the cover a giant glob of snot with a face. These Long Island punks decided to have fun and drop these two tracks on the world for no other reason than they just wanted to. And they also wanted to call it Booger.

Now I know that so many people out there get their undies in a bundle when people compare one band to another but I don’t really give a hoot. These guys will forever remind me of Your Favorite Weapon era Brand New and there is nothing I can do about that. So while many people are cringing and pretending that they didn’t listen to that album in high school I am rejoicing because I just listened to that album last week and Soda Bomb hits that same sweet spot. And that just makes me smile.



10/02/12 at 09:05pm



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