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Free Weed // Free

Erik Gage is a pretty busy guy. He runs his own label Gnar Tapes, he’s a member of bands like White Fang and The Memories (whose excellent self-titled debut was re-released by Underwater Peoples this year), and he has a prolific solo project known as Free Weed. His latest album Free was recently released by Lillerne Tapes, but he’s also dropped tapes for Gnar Tapes and Beer On the Rug. Yeah, told you he was busy.

Anyways, Free is a logical progression of his sound if you’ve been listening up until now. They are still simple lo-fi jammy jams but they are noticeably cleaner this time around. What I love most about Free Weed's music is that it's a simple pleasure. There is no deep introspection, no pretense, nothing to grab hold of other than the music itself. His tracks are all basically easy-going guitar ditties that hearken back to the aesthetic of 1990's MTV advertisements. Let's just say that they are the musical equivalent to the sort of stuff that kids back then were scrawling all over locker doors and Trapper Keepers. And there is something almost beautiful about that.



11/13/12 at 03:09pm



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