Title: Vanity Artist: Dylan Ewen 309 plays

Dylan Ewen // Fort Worthless

A lot of people use the “bedroom music” tag as an excuse for writing pensive, deeply personal, and sometimes overly somber music. And while that sort of music certainly has its place, I feel like some of it maybe takes itself too seriously. Not Dylan Ewen though. His tracks are brimming with energy, humor, and they offer a glimpse into the quirky personality of the young Boston songwriter. 

His tracks are fuzzy, flaming little spitballs and he is taking aim directly at your eye. You see there is a certain amount of mischief in these tracks, like a tongue-in-cheeked mean-spiritedness that Dylan makes no attempt to veil. He also tucks in biting audio clips from various movies (American Psycho, Singin’ In the Rain, The Big Lebowski, American Beauty) that match the bitter, self-aware tone of the music itself. I can see how it might wear thin on some listeners, but if you tune into the vibe that Dylan is playing around with here then Fort Worthless has the potential to be a lot of fun. Listen to a few of his tracks and see which group you fall into.



11/14/12 at 03:38pm



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