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Cerce & I Kill Giants // An Miracle

I finished wrapping all of my gifts and so I’m just sitting here surfing the web on Christmas Eve and listening to Carly Rae Jepsen (Don’t hate. Did you hear her song “Hurt So Good”?!). Anyways, I stumbled onto this new split EP by Cerce and I Kill Giants. I’ve not talked about how much I love Cerce here yet (although I’ve mentioned them more than once on the Facebook page), but just know that are one of the best surprises of 2012. Raw, unbridled powerviolence with enough youthful energy to paste a smile on the most ardent skeptic.

Anyways, this split finds the bands swapping two songs each and covering them in the most brisk of fashions. Now, I’m not familiar with I Kill Giants, but I’m really digging their emo punk re-imagining of Cerce's “Weary” and “Choices.” What I really came for though was to hear Cerce shred their way through some new material (whether it's their own or not). The band takes two I Kill Giants tracks and, true to form, unleash a sonic fury akin to a crazed, ferocious animal backed into a corner. There are only about 2+ minutes of music to grab onto here, but it's certainly enough to get the blood pumping. 

You can download the split thanks to Mayfly Records Bandcamp page. It’s a pay-what-you-want download so it’s free if you desire, but know that any donations made go directly to the non-profit C.A.R.E. (Community Animal Rescue & Education). Pretty cool! Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!



12/25/12 at 12:41am



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