Title: "For people who like to smoke..." Artist: HEAVY HAWAII 403 plays

Heavy Hawaii // “For people who like to smoke…”

It’s been a super long time since we’ve heard anything from San Diego beach warblers Heavy Hawaii. A year ago they dropped the single “Super Bowl XXIX” and before that was their 2010 EP HH. Even though it hasn’t been much, I’ve been a huge fan of pretty much everything the band has released, but I’ve sort of given up on hoping for a proper release. Instead I’m going to just take it as it comes.

Their latest single, which seemed to just drop out of nowhere, sounds like it was recorded on the spot using a crappy microphone and a tape recorder. No matter though, it’s still a catchy affair with jangling guitars and the band’s typical Beach Boys melodies. Pair that with the cellphone photo they used for the cover art and I’m starting to think that the track is either a demo that is waiting to be fleshed out or it’s just a track that the guys threw together one weekend after a few beers. Either way I’m digging it and as always I’m ready for whatever these guys decide to release. Whenever that is.



01/14/13 at 03:12pm



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    Cool band, Heavy Hawaï!
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    Messy as all get-out, but I am diggin’ it. It’s a good messy; beach-party messy.
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