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Heavy Hawaii // “Airborne Kawasaki”

I guess I spoke too soon when I said that I would love a proper album from Heavy Hawaii but have learned to not count on one. I posted their demo “For people who like to smoke…” last week and not long after that post the band announced the coming of their debut album. Funny how that worked out. Apparently the album is called Goosebumps and will be out on March 19th through Art Fag Records

A couple of days ago the band released what is now the first single off of that album. It’s called “Airborne Kawasaki” and it’s got all of the Heavy Hawaii staples in spades. The warbled production, the shamelessly-jangly beach pop guitars, and all of those familar “A-WOO-OOH’s” that the guys very obviously love. There’s not much change up in style, but seeing as I’ve been waiting a couple years for a whole album of these guys tape-warped beach pop I’m not complaining. Crazy stoked for this one.



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