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fthrsn // Middle School Swag

I was late to the fthrsn game, but I like to think that I made up for lost time. I latched onto his minimal pop jams like a leech on a veiny leg and squeezed hundreds of listens out of them in a very short time. I also got to be pals with mastermind Macklin Underdown in the meantime with both of being contributors to PORTALS. Because of that friendship Macklin let me in on his new EP/album/whatever Middle School Swag a good several months early. I never said too much about it because I didn’t want to be one of those “blogger perks” people, but since it’s officially seeing the light of day today I have no longer have reservations in telling anyone who will listen how good I think it is.

For me my love of fthrsn boils down to a the way he assembles a few seemingly basic elements. First off his pop melodies are so insanely catchy that it seems like he’s discovered some sort of underground pop music spring running in his brain. It’s liquid and it’s always flowing. Secondly his instrumentals seem like simple synth/beat combos, but the more you listen the more these compositions reveal their unassuming brilliance. There are hints of 1980’s pop, tribal music, hip-hop, and numerous other influences melded into a series of instrumental ear worms. And finally the third element that cements Macklin’s genius is his heart. Only he could build an album around a sentiment like middle school swag and have it come off as anything but corny. His personality bleeds through these tracks and makes you feel instantly welcome in his world. There’s no pretense, no effort required, all you need to do is dig deep and enjoy yourself.



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02/05/13 at 03:25pm



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    For me my love of fthrsn boils down to a the way he assembles a few seemingly basic elements. First off his pop melodies...
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  4. nosaidjoe said: Luv mackie’s music, his album’s so great I’m happy people outside Ann Arbor are discovering his stuff too :)
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    I highly recommend this brilliant new fthrsn album.
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