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jccg // “monstros do chile”

Here is a new track by the same mysterious dude that is the mastermind behind the under-appreciated Spinning Beach Ball of Death and also the eerie sample manipulator mediafired. I’ve been digging his music for awhile and I’ve shared what I’ve heard here on my blog in hopes that you’d dig it too. Every once in a while he ‘ll email me with whatever he’s working on, but he always keep things sort of anonymous and distant. That’s just the way he does things. 

I emailed him awhile back and asked him if he was working on any new material as mediafired. Turns out that he is, but it’s not ready yet. In the meantime he sent me a few tracks that he’s made under yet another moniker, jccg. Like his other projects, jccg has a completely different feel. Stripping things all the way down to almost strictly guitar, he layers reverbed strums and plucks to dreamy effect. The tracks create a just-woke-up-and-still-kinda-groggy sort of feel. So put them on and rub the sleep from your eyes, because there is some sort of genius going on here.

Check out the other stuff he’s recorded on his soundcloud.

also listen to: "poney"


04/11/11 at 02:49pm



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