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Lizard Kisses // Bottom Dollar Single

There are a handful of artists that I love to feature here on Cactus-Mouth. They are artists that I have really good relationships with and I am privileged to call them friends of my blog, and by extension me too. Lizard Kisses is one of those groups. I featured their warm and cheery debut EP this past winter, and I’m now pleased to feature them once again.

Since that first EP they’ve since caught the attention of several labels. One of those labels was the amazing digital singles label, BEKO. If you visit the site right now you can download the duo’s newest single “Bottom Dollar” for free. In addition to that the band also has an exciting bit of news, and it is really quite something. Corporate Records will be helping with the physical release of the single, by putting it on a limited number of CD-records. Basically they cut grooves onto the CD allowing you to play it in both a CD player and on a record player. For proof, check out this video of the band showing one off:

Cool, yeah? Make sure you get on that and order one now, they’ll go fast!


04/17/11 at 05:27pm



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