It’s impossible to listen to everything, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. That being said it’s not uncommon for something truly great to slip through the cracks. I suppose it’s just a facet of my personality that makes it so easy for me to become obsessed with certain releases, which is exactly what has happened with the five from last year that I’ve selected below. They are albums that have become staples in my everyday life, but for whatever reason went unrecognized by me here. Since I feel weird about that I’m taking the opportunity to do so now. 

I’ve been stewing on this post for a good few weeks now and I’ve decided that today is as good a day as any to share it. 


Loma Prieta // I.V.

I’m not sure how I slept on something so completely up my alley for so long, but that’s exactly what happened with Loma Prieta's I.V. The album has drawn comparison’s to Converge and was even released on Jacob Bannon’s record label Deathwish Inc. Seeing as how Converge released my favorite album last year it seemed only natural that I’d be into these guys as well. They play an extremely aggressive and chaotic brand of hardcore that borders on being caustic. It’s funny, I knew that I was in store for something truly great when I heard the album’s opening track “Fly By Night.” Towards the end of the track the band lets their take-no-prisoners visage slip for a moment and break into an interlude of these really melodic guitar riffs. It was a gorgeous moment of clarity from a band who typically specializes in the brutalizing moments and I’ve been a firm fan ever since.


Silent Land Time Machine // I am no longer alone with myself and can only artificially recall the scary and beautiful feeling of solitude

That title is a mouthful, yeah? It sort of speaks to the album itself in that it is strange and unconventional. Listening to this album you are bound to encounter sounds that you probably have never heard before. Or their arrangements at least. Put out by Austin labels Indian Queen and Holodeck Records, I am no longer alone… is such a gorgeous and peculiar release that it demands multiple listens before it truly begins to sink in. Using layered sounds and ambient textures to create lush, mutating amalgamations, Silent Land Time Machine has crafted an album that changes with each listen. Like a polished precious stone held up to the sun, the album looks impossibly beautiful from every angle. 


Bored Nothing // Bored Nothing

This album was kind of sneaky. Put out only in Australia by Spunk Records at the very tail end of 2012, it was one that would have easily landed on my favorites list had I just heard it sooner. The solo project of Melbourne native Fergus Miller, Bored Nothing is shameless 90’s indie rock worship in tattered jeans and dirty sneakers. It might be similar to stuff you’ve heard before, especially now that the 90’s are all the rage again, but Bored Nothing sticks out for one simple yet crucial reason: his excellent songwriting. The harmonies alone are worth the price of admission. Plus the added bitterness of youth with snotty titles like “Shit for Brains,” “I Wish You Were Dead,” and “Build a Bridge (And Then How About You Get the Fuck Over It)” only serve to make it go down all the easier.


Math the Band // GET REAL!

Of the five albums I’m sharing here, Math the Band's GET REAL! is probably the one that is hardest to recommend. It is rambunctious chiptune punk that has been feasting on nothing but sour gummy worms and caffeinated beverages. Needless to say, listeners better have a serious sweet tooth if they are going to digest this one. I didn’t think that I did, but the album grew on me slowly but exponentially to the point where I probably know all the words to all the songs here. For only having two members Math the Band seriously make a big enough sound. Plus in addition to their huge sonic presence the band undertook the ambitious goal of releasing a crazy music video for each of the album’s tracks. These things have got to be seen to be believed.


The Guru // Go Easy

The final album that I had to share lest my brain explode is the sophomore album from Connecticut band The Guru. These guys have a voracious local following and are certainly poised for big things. As a central part of the Seagreen Records collective, the members of The Guru have their hands in all sorts of pies, but it’s when they are playing together that the real magic happens. And the best part is that they sound something like a younger Modest Mouse stranded on a sunny desert island. These guys are extremely hard workers, but their busy schedules don’t keep them from being down to earth, friendly, and brimming with a vibrant and welcoming energy. Plainly put, The Guru is just a fun band who is impossible not to like.


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