Title: Alone Artist: HOUNDSds 480 plays

HOUNDSds // Los Dos

I actually found these guys on Twitter which is proving to be an excellent way to find good, new music. It’s a quick and easy way to recommend several artists at once. Getting people to actually go and check them out is really only the hard part.

But back to HOUNDSds. I downloaded this EP knowing close to nothing about the band. The only information that their bandcamp gives about the band is that they are from Brooklyn. Other than that I just had to let the music speak for itself. Turns out it had alot to say. I’m actually rather surprised that I hadn’t heard them before because they are really good. Their crystalline dream pop could be described as “bedroom pop” but the band traverses places here that are much farther from home. If you were a fan of Wild Nothing's Gemini, then I can see Los Dos striking a similar chord with you.

so beautiful: "Delaware"


04/26/11 at 02:25pm



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