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Seamonster // “Plastic Fangs”

Last time we were hearing from Seamonster, he was trying his hand at crafting some Appalachian folk music. “Plastic Fangs” is a new track that finds Seamonster shedding that folky skin and stepping out into the world with a new style of songwriting. While I always liked his folk music, I have to admit that I am liking the style of this track much more.

There are still hints of folk influence here, but for the most part the sound is much more dream-pop inspired. Even his lilting voice seems to fit the dream-pop arena better in my opinion. “Plastic Fangs” has such a gentle structure with it’s bouncy guitar lines dancing around playfully underneath Seamonster's vaguely foggy crooning. It's a welcome change of pace and one that I hope to hear more of. If you're a fan of that HOUNDSds track I posted awhile back, you’ll most likely dig this too.

Currently he is working on an upcoming 12” joint release with Royal Rhino Flying Records and Gold Robot Records. So keep an eye out for that one.


05/24/11 at 01:58pm



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