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Liquid Skulls // “Heirlooms”

*I’ve decided to cut mega post week short by one day. I was getting a little stir crazy, and plus I really wanted to share this track.”

One album that I’m really looking forward to is the new LP by Liquid Skulls. Mastermind Jimmy Spice has been been keeping me up to date with the album’s progress and he’s even been so kind as to send me a couple jams that he’s been working on for the release. He hopes to have the album finished relatively soon, so in honor of that news check out this painfully beautiful new track “Heirlooms.” Maintaining the same haunted quality that his first EP DEAD IN YR EYES possessed, “Heirlooms” calls out like a lovesick cry coming to us from beyond the grave. The muffled track gently caresses your shoulder and then like a whispy vapor, it disappears before your eyes.

If you slept on his EP you can still download it for free on his bandcamp. If you are a fan of dusty, creaking ambient folk music then it should be right up your alley.


06/16/11 at 05:34pm



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