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All the way back in January I wrote about the curiously anonymous project simply known as 骨架的. What minimal contact I had with the creator left with little information about who was behind it. The only thing I really knew is that whoever it was was a only content when in constant evolution. Frequent moniker changes accompanied a generous flow of this weird (but highly alluring) music. Now here I again reliving that same situation (I think). In my email I found a link to download this self-titled album by someone that goes by Computer Dreams.

Like 骨架的 I have no clue who is behind these jams, nor do I care (maybe they’re the same person?). But what I do care about is listening to this album over and over again because it is seriously awesome. I don’t know how much of it is original material and how much is found/altered samples, but in a day of crazy musical collage work the dividing line is getting increasingly blurred. Now if you take a time machine back to the 1980’s and only bother to watch late-night television, teen movies, and infomercials then this is the sort of music you’d encounter. Synth heavy, silky creations of purely enjoyable cheese. If you were diggin’ on stuff like 骨架的 or Beer On the Rug's last couple of releases, then you will definitely like Computer Dreams.

Check it out: SOUNDCLOUD | LAST.FM


07/13/11 at 11:10am via SoundCloud / Computer Dreams



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