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Swimsuit // Swimsuit

If you couldn’t tell from the band name and the album artwork, Swimsuit is a band that prides itself on warm summertime vibes and beach pop influence. When I was first sent this LP I prematurely compared the band to the likes of Tennis and Seapony before I even heard it. That was a foolish assumption on my part because Swimsuit really doesn’t sound like either band.

Featuring members of City Center and Tyvek (formerly), Swimsuit sorta took me by surprise with how delightfully raw their music sounds. What really drew me in at first was the excellent guitar work on the surf rock tinged instrumental tracks. While I certainly enjoyed the shared male/female vocal duties, the music is what really sold me. Like an impromptu beach side concert put on exclusively for friends, Swimsuit dredges up images of a driftwood bonfire, sunburned skin, and sand in your flip-flops.

The album is out now on Speakertree Records. But if you want to hear the whole thing first you can surf on over to the label’s bandcamp page where you can stream the whole thing in its entirety or snag it digitally for $5. Come on, it’s summer. Who is going to tire of summer music during the summer? Not me.

Check them out: MYSPACE



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