Title: Cardboard and Bubble Sheet Artist: dné 120 plays

dné // “Cardboard and Bubble Sheet”

To this day I am not entirely sure how to pronounce “dné”. Whatever, doesn’t matter, his music speaks for itself.

In the past this Prague native stuck to his guns and mastered the lo-fi ambient folk genre; perfect music for sitting in doors and watching the rain fall. But like any great artist change had to come in one form or another. Here it’s represented in the form of a switch in style. While not a total change, it is change enough and I’m liking what he’s done here.

"Cardboard and Bubble Sheet" is the first track off of his proper debut that is due out later this year. It’s a pristine, crystalline world that he sees fit to stuff with… paper. Wait, what? Well at least that’s what it sounds like. Have a listen for yourself and then download the single right here.



08/04/11 at 04:57pm



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