DoublePlusGood // “Falls Apart”

I didn’t really intend on doing another post today but the opportunity presented itself and I found myself absolutely loving the places that this track takes me.

This single called “Falls Apart” by Portland band DoublePlusGood is definitely a departure from the usual weirdo noise that dominates my blog posts, but there is something inherently wonderful in this track. Its production is so clean and the danceable tribal groove is nothing to sneeze at, but what really grabbed me here was actually the melody. There is something very comforting about it; almost familiar in a way. The moments when the music quiets itself and allows the slightly falsetto vocals to be the single driving force are nothing short of magical.

The album Here They Come, The Birds of My Youth is out on SoHiTek Records.



08/11/11 at 06:55pm via SoundCloud / DoublePlusGood



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