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Lester Brown // Hauntology

I can honestly say that I’ve been looking forward to this album for a l o o o n g time. I was a huge fan of Lester Brown's Islomania EP that he released last year and I’m also a fan of his MICKEY BROWN side project that he did with crazy man MICKEY MICKEY ROURKE. And while I love that project with all of its manic unpredictability, what I’ve really been longing for is a proper album from Lester himself. And he’s been teasing it out for a while on his tumblr with a demo here or a track preview there.But now the teasing is over and Hauntology is here!

Now one of the things that I loved most about Islomania is how the fidelity, the jangly surf guitars, and the shimmering synths gave the whole thing a very under-the-sea kinda feel. It felt like a lost transmission that was picked up coming from some underwater sea cave. With Hauntology though Lester’s music seems to have washed up on shore all sandy and water-logged. All that’s left is for some unsuspecting beach comber to come along and discover the treasure. It’s obvious that he tinkered with and polished his sound for this album really making it shine, and it was all for the best.

Do yourself a huge favor and download the whole thing right here. And if you never downloaded Islomania you can also snag that bad boy right here.



08/20/11 at 11:17am



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